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Village Hall Vital Statistics


Main Hall: (excludes the area in front of the kitchen hatch)

Width: 35ft 8″ / 1090cm

Length:  60ft / 1809cm

Height: (from floor to suspended ceiling):  13ft 1” or 399cm

The Hall has a beautiful sprung wood floor – perfect for dancing.

Stage: (excluding the side and rear aisles)

Width:              23ft 5” / 714 cm

Depth:                  14ft / 424 cm

Height from stage floor to bottom edge of hanging drapes: 8’ 7” or 261cm


We have two stage lights fixed to a floor bar, to which additional lighting can be added

Sound System:

Two large fixed speakers into the hall – amplifier etc – can connect microphone and/or player (needs a standard, large size jack  plug)

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Viewed from the stage towards the kitchen and bar.

Viewed from the entrance twoards the bar.

The stage area.

Blue stackable soft seat chairs

More walk arounds

More walk arounds

Ladies and Gents Facilities

Kitchen area

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Fully stocked and staffed bar.

Jubille meeting room.

Jubilee meeting room.

Accessible stair lift to Jubilee meeting room


The spacious kitchen includes:

  • a large stainless steel prep table
  • large electric water boiler
  • double oven electric cooker with ceramic hob
  • deep double sink area
  • a large tower fridge with a smallish freezer section
  • microwave
  • warming oven
  • blue “village hall” cups, saucers, side plates and dinner plates and bowls.
  • cutlery for 15 settings

First Aid Box: located in the kitchen cupboards

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Ladies’ dressing room

Newly refurbished facilities,

Full length and make up mirrors

Lots for space for changing and touching up!