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Hiring the Memorial Hall, Hurst Green

Useful contacts:

Committee Chair & Bar Manager: Niall Macfarlane (
Bookings: Kath Molyneux: (
Treasurer: Agnes Bland (


Thank you for considering the hire of our hall.

Before you visit the hall to see for yourself what it offers, please have a look at our website , where you will find information about hall dimensions, furniture, parking, kitchen facilities etc. as well as photos of events that have taken place in the past. The information below relates to frequently asked questions, we hope it is useful.

To view the hall in person and discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact Niall or Kath.

For all event hire:

  • Opening and closing: if you have collected a set of keys please ensure it is returned.
  • It is expected that you will tidy up and leave the hall as you found it before leaving, unless you have made prior arrangements for a following day to clear up. This includes removal of all rubbish from the premises. We can provide a cleaning service if required. (Charges apply, details below).
  • Cleaning materials, brushes etc are stored in a designated store cupboard by the kitchen
  • If you are using external suppliers (e.g. caterers, tables, chairs, live band, children’s play equipment) please give them contact details and request that they contact Niall or Kath – it’s important for planning access, so that we know when they are arriving and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. More on caterers, below.

Different types of hire:

Closing time:

Because of our central village location, we request 11:15pm as last orders, and the closure of the bar at 11:30pm. This still allows a drinking up time so that guests can leave, or be collected by their taxis, before midnight.

All music is to be concluded by 11:30 pm.

Again, we would suggest guests stay inside the hall with one party member looking out for the group’s taxi – it just keeps the noise levels down.


This is not permitted in the hall. Smokers should keep to the bottom of the front steps, without impeding the fire door access, and must use the butt collector provided. Again, please ensure it is not a large noisy gathering so as not to disturb the village.


For those guests who cannot use the front steps, we advise them to park to the right side of the hall and make their entrance through the double doors on the flat path on the Bayley Field side of the hall. There is a dedicated accessible WC in the foyer area of the hall.


We have ground source heating for the hall following a major fundraising campaign by local volunteers. We control the temperature in four different zones, and is done remotely via an app. We will ensure that the hall is ready for you and your guests dependent on the day’s forecast, and if the party is very hectic, we are able to tone down the temperature too.

After the event:

It is expected that if you have an evening, half-day or one-day booking, you will tidy up and put away that same night. If you have booked the next day as part of this plan, then you can come in at your convenience and complete the tasks.

Alternatively, we offer a paid cleaning service which includes putting away the chairs and tables, sweeping up, collecting the main hall rubbish etc. You are welcome to collect personal gifts and lost property next day but leave the rest to us.   The charge for this service is £12 per person per hour – usually about £48.

Group activities: (Meetings, exercise classes, dance sessions etc):

These are usually charged by the hour and we give discount for regular activities.

Typically, you just need the hall space, facilities such as toilets and kitchen and to know where the light switches are.

Half day/evening events:

These are charged by the hour from accepting the keys to returning them after the event is over.

We will ask you specifically about:

  • Drinks – do you need our bar service?
  • Staff – Will you require staff for reception drinks or other services?
  • Catering – Self-catering or using outside caterers?

Large events (weddings, parties, celebrations):

Minimum 1 day – more typically three days – giving enough time to set up the Hall before and after.

We will ask you specifically about:

  • Drinks – do you need our bar service?
  • Staff – Will you require staff for reception drinks or other services?
  • Catering – Self-catering or using outside caterers?




Please ask your caterers to get in touch with Niall or Kath to arrange a kitchen preview, unless they are familiar with our space and facilities.

If you are planning additional caterers later on – (eg fish and chip van, pizza, etc) please also let us know so we can ensure there is available space/access for them.

*Please make sure that all caterers will clear everything away, leave the kitchen as they found it and take all rubbish away afterwards.

PS We always really appreciate it if our staff can be offered food during the evening too.

Bar Services

We have a fully licensed bar and a lovely team of experienced bar staff.

Depending on the size of your event, we will allocate staff to serve drinks, clear glasses and generally look after you and your guests.

Bar staff costs are £12 per person per working hour.

Bar staff can provide reception drinks service as required (charges apply).

The bar will close at 11:30pm.

NB under the terms of our licence it is not permitted for anyone to sell alcohol on the premises other than our staff.

Reception drinks:  Bar staff can be available for serving reception drinks, if required.

  • If you choose to provide reception drinks and you need our bar staff, you will be charged corkage at £2 per bottle of wine/prosecco and £4 for Champagne. Bar staff costs remain at £12 per person per hour.
  • If we provide the reception drinks, you will be charged at less than the normal bar bottle price.
  • The same applies to toasting drinks during the reception. Our staff would also be available to top up the toasting drinks at the appropriate time. This is a complimentary service.

What we serve:

For small events (less than 100) there is usually a bottle service at the bar with the usual range of beers, lager, wines, cider, spirits and soft drinks.

For larger events, the bar can offer the option of cask beer from Bowland Brewery, and a lager on tap. The lager choices include Fosters, Peroni, Carlsberg, San Miguel, Estrella, Heineken and Kronenbourg. Cask cider is Strongbow.

We cannot return opened casks to the supplier, so once a barrel is opened it is now your barrel!

The quantity, by beer type, is: 72 pints for bitter or 88 pints for lager. We will work with you as to the likely demand, and if we need to make a choice about opening a barrel late in the evening, we will consult you first. Please note – there is always a bottle ‘back up’.