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Conditions of Letting

  1. Parties occupying the Memorial Hall (hereafter referred to as the Lessee) will be responsible for any damage which may be caused during the time of their hire.
  2. The Lessee shall be responsible for the taking down of any decorations within 24 hours of an event. No tacks, nails or fasteners are to be driven into the floor, walls or any other parts of the building. Please use only LOW TACK tape or blutack to fasten anything to the wall and please take care of the paintwork when removing after your decorations.
  3. The Lessee shall leave the Hall and other rooms in a clean and tidy condition and remove all crockery or other articles not belonging to the Hall shall be removed during the day following an event.
  4. The Committee accept no responsibility whatever for the loss or theft of articles deposited in the cloakrooms provided or on the premises.
  5. No transfer from one Lessee to another can be made without the sanction of the Booking Clerk.
  6. A non-returnable deposit of £50 is required at time of booking to secure the dates stated above.
  7. On return to the Bookings Clerk of this signed Booking Form, together with the deposit as indicated above, a written contract shall be deemed to be in force between the Committee and the Lessee.
  8. Not more than 300 persons are allowed on the premises for any event.
  9. ‘Dry-Ice’ and smoke machines will trigger the fire alarm and so should not be used.  If you hire a disco for your event, please let them know.
  10. The Lessee or another person nominated by the Lessee shall be responsible for reading and complying with the fire regulations and following the evacuation procedure in case of fire.
  11. Removal of rubbish shall be the responsibility of the Lessee. Please remove all rubbish from the Memorial Hall and car park area immediately after an event . Please do not leave rubbish or bottles for collection outside the Memorial Hall.
  12. The Lessee will ensure that the stage is kept out of bounds unless specifically Please indicate on the form below if you need to use the stage during your event.
  13. Loud music can be heard by people living close by and should not be played after midnight. The Lessee will ensure that all external doors and windows are kept closed in order to reduce the risk of disturbance. The Lessee shall also check external noise levels at regular intervals to ensure that these are reasonable. The Lessee shall be responsible for ensuring that people are reminded to leave  the building quietly at the end of an event.
  14. Please encourage smokers to use the cigarette bins provided outside the main entrance and the back door and when you tidy up after your event please remember to sweep these areas and dispose of all stray cigarette ends.

Entry and Lighting

  1. Source keys from committee
  2. There are two keys, one opens both back doors (and the cellar) the other opens the main front door
  3. Lighting switches in the lobby to the right of the stage .
  4. Each switch denotes the area of room lighting.

Kitchen Hot Water

The hot water geyser switch is to on the wall to the left of the geyser. Please ensure the water flow tap is switched to on before turning on the geyser. Please ensure everything is turned off before you leave.

Thank you for your co-operation.